Wednesday, 14 August 2013

30 Day Challenge

So my 30 Day Challenge is finally over...For those not following me on Facebook (FOLLOW ME!) I declared that I would embark on a journey to rid my life of unnecessary possessions. Aka my clothes. My beloved, treasured, adored clothes. I'm obsessed, I won't deny it. Clothes can be empowering, encouraging, a safety net and although there is still a part of me that believes all of this, there is also a part that admits they are a band aid, covering the real issues with outrageous, sparkly fabrics. Any one who has watched 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' would understand what I mean. I may have watched it a couple of times this month, just reminding myself that there is a big shiny light at the end. Aka Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy getting together. Yay.
So the journey began to rid myself of the baggage. 30 days, 1 wardrobe, 1 fabulous individual...if I do say so myself and a determination to wear every single item in that one month. Anything not worn, was going to be given to Vinnies.
Lauren: 0 Vinnies: approx 40. 
It wasn't overly successful. To start things off, there are 31 days in July. It took me a month to realise this. Then there were the clothes themselves. There were lots of fabulous moments, but my wardrobe and my heart and soul took a beating. As I promised I will pass these clothes on, doesn't mean it hurts any less. So you can have an idea of my month I have saved a few photos. 

In the middle of the month I did attend Splendour in the Grass. So much fabulous was distributed that weekend, but I am yet to develop my photos so that will have to wait.
For now, just please sit and enjoy my general fabulousness. It is my word, my being, my essence and I am so proud to say that I Am Fucking Fabulous.

Give this challenge a go. Its fun.

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