Wednesday, 9 October 2013

60 Days of Zen

I have been feeling a bit flat lately. Like I have been steam rolled with emotion. So I have decided to embark on a new challenge.

60 Days of Zen.

Goal : Zen

Challenge: 60 days committed to the following
- Vegan Diet
- No Alcohol
- Juicing
- Minimizing my intake of preservatives
- Meditation once a day
- Abstaining from All sexual activity
- Reading something once a day. Including poetry, news, books, quotes.
- Blogging about my experiences and my journey every 3 days
- No Coffee
- No negativity to the best of my ability
- Spending as much time as possible getting down with mother nature
- seeing a naturopath to get my daily dose of vitamins sorted

Its about spiritually cleansing as well as physically cleansing. It's time to change habits and start a new and exciting journey. Learning about myself, my body and healing. I want to commit to my Reiki and just find myself spiritually again. No excuses.

Clock starts Monday 14th  October.

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