Thursday, 19 December 2013

Miss Independent,

Standing on the edge of my world trying to find some peace, it was there I realised that the space I needed was the space from my own thoughts.
So consumed with the idea of loneliness I have spent weeks pondering my own future. Honestly terrified that I might have to do it alone. Those of you who know me would know that it is not something that I like to admit. Miss Independent. Well I won't let you down, because all of a sudden I realised... I have become complacent with my life. Living in a beige world. I am lonely because I am bored. With this realisation the whole world became smaller and more accessible and all the colours just came out of the box. Something big is on its way, and I am going to get myself out there to go and stage a run in, wearing something fabulous of course! Thank Goodness that Christmas sales are just around the corner! Looks like this girl is going to need some new shoes!
I just smiled and hugged myself and said goodbye to Miss Dependant.

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