Thursday, 27 June 2013

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

I need to go on a little rant. I was sitting at my desk at work getting so worked up and finally decided that I made a blog to share my thoughts and share them I will.

I had a big dance class on last night, so this morning I was playing catch up on the Origin, our Prime Minister and more importantly Wendy Davis's filibuster to deny passage of a bill that would severely restrict access to abortion in Texas. I do not have a massive understanding of politics but bring pro choice, this caught my attention. And what I found was not only inspiring, but also really upsetting.

I used to tell people, I am not a feminist, I am a realist, I don't think that the feminist movement is doing our women justice. Well you know what, I'm going to say it, excuse my french, but I was a Fucking Idiot. I had no idea what being a feminist was about. I was so caught up in the negative stereotype that I was missing the whole point. And now I am striving to educate myself, so I can start educating other women and our young girls, so they might be able to have a true appreciation of what equality is.

And its not even just about educating women, educating MEN. YES. It is crucial that men understand. I sincerely believe that sexism is just a part of our every day life and that generally people don't even realise that it is happening. Kitchen jokes are not funny. Rape is not something to taken lightly. Being called a 'Bitch' is not a term of endearment. This is not just a plea to men, it is a plea to everyone. Don't participate. Stand up and say that it is wrong. Don't laugh at the distasteful joke. Learn your boundaries and stand up for what you believe in.

You know what else needs to be addressed, Sex. Parents, start talking about sex. Teach your kids/pre-teens and your adult children for that matter. Tell them about the clitoris. Its not a dirty word. Explain to your sons that sex is an act between two parties, consenting parties and it is an experience to be shared, rather then a race to the end. They are relying on porn for there sexual education. Hey Guess What? Strangulation is not okay unless you are with a consenting party. Girls don't make heinous high pitched noises during sex. Simply, Porn Is Not Real.
Teach your girls that being sexual liberated is great and empowering, but it is an equal act, both parties are important. They also need to understand that men don't have to deal with the consequences of pregnancy, abortion, ectopic pregnancy, like a woman do. Sex is definitely tricky. Enjoy it, but understand it.

And to the men around my age (mid 20's) Just because I went on a date with you, does not make it my obligation to give you a blow job. Just because you smiled at me in da club and bought me a drink, does not mean I have to go home with you. Sort your shit out.

There were jokes made about Julia Gillard and Wendy Davis on social media along the lines of 'how did they get out of the kitchen' and not only is it unoriginal, but it is down right disrespectful. And I say Enough is Enough. It is sickening and I want all my friends and followers to know this is where I stand.
I think this has stemmed from the realisation that I have been objectified for so many years. I refuse to let my breasts be a part of my identity, yet it seems to be my only identifying feature, I have never had a healthy sexual relationship or just a relationship in general. I have never felt equal, but I never knew it. But now I do and I feel this passion in the pit of my stomach to make sure the girls I love and the girls I don't know never have to experience some of the crap I have endured.

So, my rant took me all day to get out, I think it will be healing for me, but I am glad I have finally found my voice. I am done living in the dark and I am crying out for information to assist me in my path to a better understanding.

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