Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

It was the middle of the night.
Cream cheese, mint, red velvet, salted caramel, popcorn, buttermilk, jars, bird cages and pot plants.
These were the ideas swimming around in my head.
I lay awake that night unable to sleep, consumed, all because of one idea. One concept
One Girl, One Cupcake.

To help you understand what I am about, what i want my blog to be about, I'll start from the beginning and break it down a little.
My name is Lauren Elizabeth Shelley. Very regal I know. I'm 23 but the numbers don't mean much to me. I love baking, cooking, dancing, having experiences and living to the fullest. Sometimes I am mad, bonkers, completely off my head, I don't believe that anything is impossible and I truly believe that I will achieve greatness, whatever that actually means.
I want this to be not only a blog about cupcakes and recipes and food, but i want to share with you the obsession of the creation. The crazy ups and downs of the life that is led by a person Obsessed with creating and with sharing the love and the endless hours put into these little individual portions of pure decadence. I don't want to talk solely about the sweeter side of life either.
I have always said, and felt, that gone are the days where we eat to survive. Many of us have fallen prey to this idea of 'loving' food. Loving something that won't love us back, loving something purely designed to fuel our miracle bodies to survive our years in this world. One very wise woman once said to me, 'No Lauren, you don't love food, you love the social climate and the experience that food brings you' a sentence that changed my life, although I may not have realized it at the time. I carried this notion around with me on my shoulder, sometime weighing me down, not fully understanding its meaning, until on day the light switched on (I'll tell you about that day later.)
I want to share with you this new understanding that I have of food and friendship and making every moment an experience and sharing those experiences with the world, but also learning to enjoy those experiences alone.
I want you to learn about me and to learn with me because I have fallen down this rabbit hole and you're coming with me...


  1. I'm happy to follow you down your rabbit hole. Cant wait to watch you create.

  2. Nice concept. I'm very interested in finding out what's down the rabbit hole. xx