Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Scared of the Dark ?

Are we really in the dark about what is good for us?
I know what your thinking, this blog has cupcake in the title, what would she know about nutrition and what's good for you, but don't be fooled, my body is my temple.
I have been participating in a 6 week challenge, boot camp style. There is lots of running, sweating, yelling and of course the old tug of war. As part of this journey to rock hard abs and a Hercules like boyfriend, we have been provided with advice from a dietitian. I was skeptical going in, it's my nature, but I sat there in good faith hoping that she would tell me the miracle cure to fat, or at least something new. The new coconut water, or perhaps a wild Amazonian berry. What I got instead was the same robot answer we have been provided with for the last 20 years, presented in the same robot way. It was boring and uninspiring.
The fact is, the information she provided us with was solid, good information, we have had it drilled into us since birth on the News, in the newspapers, in all the mags, WE GET IT! I think what we don't get is how to use this boring ass information and turn it into something inspired and new. Is most of the population overweight because we are not being taught how to cook good food that is fun, that tastes good, and that is healthy? Are we just uninspired? We have the facts, why can't we put them into practice?
With all this in mind I set out with my housemate this weekend to create something that tasted good, but was also really healthy (and Vegan for him).
I can't take credit for the salad, but boy will I share it with you because it was the perfect way to add a little something something to the side of the plate without adding a little something something to the thighs.
Ingredients: Beans, Sesame seeds, Baby Beets (tinned), lemon and garlic. Blanch the beans, add some lemon and garlic, mix with seeds and beets and you are done. This salad was so fresh and light and added so much to our dish that it was incredible that it could be that easy.
I think this is a really important thing to take note of. It Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Stop watching MKR, you don't have to cry and yell and sweat profusely and cry a little more to create a spectacular dish.
For the other part of our meal we had a clean version of 'bubble and squeak'. My dad used to make this dish when I was a kid. He would get all the left overs in the fridge and mix it all up and fry it on the pan. His version gives me images of clogged arteries and heart attacks, but it doesn't have to be that way.
We used red sweet potato and all the left over veggies in the fridge. Shallots, mushrooms, garlic etc. It was so simple and left both of us stuffed couch potatoes. We had created something so good, which we both enjoyed and left us satisfied, and I didn't wake up the next day filled with the eaters remorse.
It really is like being scared of the dark, it's not that dark that you're afraid of, it's the unknown.
I hope that along with my sweet treats I can inspire you to get creative in the kitchen for meal times. It's the best game i play at home. Think of your favourite meal. Now think of how you can make it healthy and clean by using fresh product.
Its time to turn the night light off and face your fears.

Now, with all that said I am going to bake some cupcakes :)

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