Friday, 12 April 2013

Maybe i fell a little too hard and hit my head

After all the hype and the excitment of my first blog entry dwindled, I set my mind to creating some cool concepts for my future entries. Admittidly I sat up way past my bedtime trying to breakdown what it was that I truly wanted from this space and just exactly how much I wanted to share. Like a mother leaving her child on the first day of school, I clutch my babies (recipes) to my chest and smother them in love (bossoms) reluctent to let them go, a fear of which I intend to overcome. And yes, you may read that and think I'm a little nuts, I did warn you! But i thought I might share just how far the crazy goes.
After the voices quietened down I finally drifted into an uneasy sleep where I was transported to a place I am very familiar with. Having always had a vivid imagination, my dreams have always been on the wild and wacky side but somehow they alway bring back the raw emotion that I am having trouble perceiving in my consciousness. Well last night was no exception.
I was plonked in the middle of a fish market, catching fish, but these fish werent just normal fish. These fish were HUGE. Thankfully i wasn't handed the job of removing the eyes, but these big huge eyes were just slapped in front of me and lets be real, fish eyes are gross! It was my job to take these giant fish, so slimy and gross and turn them into a beautiful cake, iced, decorated and ready to sell. I was so stressed taking something essentially so disgusting and raw and trying to transform it into something new and fresh.
I woke up and had a laugh at the ridiculousness of my dream and then took a step back and had a think, being unable to hide from my own emotions being slapped in front of me like that big slimy fish eye. What is my blog about? What do I want to achieve? What will my readers want? How did I become so obsessed with making cake???????
So after a day of contemplation I decided to take the most simple route of doing whatever comes naturally to me. I'll let you know how I feel, how much I decide to share and if you want anything from me just Holla. Post piccis, tag them, write about your experiences, lay it all out because 'Honesty is the Best Policy'
Just a quick side note, for any of my taste testers today, thanks for the love, it never goes unnoticed and nothing gives me more joy then hearing that muffled groan from a couple of cubicles away.
Ill post some goodies soon.

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