Monday, 22 April 2013


Today wasn't a good day. It took me 2 hours into my shift for me to realize that I hadn't even brushed my hair. I had a stain on my jeans and a dribble down my shirt. I wanted to crawl under the desk and find a hole of happiness where I could reflect. Unfortunately crawling under your desk to find salvation isn't so commonly accepted in normal society. Today wasn't a good day.
We all have ways of coping with days like today. Sometimes I run and sometimes I cook. I always cook, but it takes on a new meaning, it provides me with the drive to create something that changes my perspective and outlook on the world and on my life. Today it was the people that inspire me, that make me laugh and don't mention that fact that I rock up with a birds nest in my hair. Or tell me that I do have a birds nest and openly laugh at me. So for my theme tonight I went for fish and fortune cookies.
My fish friends are a my close friends, some of my fondest memories with them are mackie wraps with dirty hangovers, i knew that if they saw me today, they would crack straight into a joke about how terrible i looked. I mean I had people ask me today how I came down with the flu so quickly, shocked I had become so sick so fast. I played along, because admitting to them that I just didn't have my face on was horrifying. So i smiled and made some pathetic coughing noise and went along with the story. I thought about the fact that they would laugh and then I would laugh and the stress of not looking my best wouldn't matter anymore. Because the people that really love you don't require your rock star good looks. It gave me the warm and fuzzies.
I wanted my salmon skin to be super crispy. So i peeled it off before putting my fish in the oven and continued to cook it, like a fish crackling. For the rest of the dish I stir fried some veggies. Presentation can really make all the difference. So even though I may not have looked my best today, my fish looked damn good. The end result being delicious and well presented.

I made cupcakes for dessert. I have been wanting to try a new recipe but also wanted to throw all my love into this batch so i could share that love with the people I love and the ones who inspired it.
A green tea cupcake with lemon cream cheese icing. I won't share this particular recipe because I know I can find a better one that really brings through that bitter, green, earthy taste, I think I'll just share their story.

People come into your life like a blinding light. Some fade and some burn so bright it hurts your eyes. Others just give off that warm glow that hits you straight in the heart and reminds you to be good and always look for the good. They remind you to smile and to speak your mind and to be proud of your emotions and the way you feel and the way you are. I have stumbled across a few in my time that really bring all this home. They always surprise me, I sometimes forget that people can be good and that they care and I'm so grateful to have them come into my lives and welcome them with open arms, an open mind and an open heart, and I just hope I can give back to them what they so readily and easily give me. And if not, there are always cupcakes.
So I just started with all this in my head. Over thinking it as usual. I baked tonight using few utensils. No electric mixer, no beaters. Just a wooden spoon and a bowl. It felt so real and took so much more time and I really had to put my heart and soul and arm strength into making them. They may not taste as I originally planned but it doesn't even matter. What I ended up with was just as good. Because I know the work that went into them and it shines through and makes them delicious. Delicious with love.

So these ones are for all of them... (there are more)

And then this one was for me...

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